Top 5 Things to do when buying a Refurbished Phone

Top 5 Things to do when buying a Refurbished Phone

Life is full of firsts, or, at least it must be full of firsts. New experiences may be uncomfortable and unforeseen at first, but they enrich you in many ways and make you wise.

So, if you are looking to buy a refurbished phone but don't know where to start? You're not alone, and we are here to help.

Refurbished smartphones are a new category of phones, with a certified promise of performance and good health of the mobile phones.

They are much better than a simple second-hand phone, which has no risk cover for the buyers.

When it comes to buying refurbished mobile phones, you have lots of options to choose from on the internet and offline stores.

But how can you be sure that any of these places are legit? How can you be sure they are good and trustworthy? How can you be sure if the phones are genuine, and neither fake, nor stolen? It's enough to make anyone's head spin.

Well, take a deep breath. We're here for you! We've put together this list of the five things you should keep in mind when shopping for a new pre owned mobile device.

1. Buy from a reliable channel(website)

Well, who doesn’t want to buy from a reliable channel, where you know that the products and services being promised would be delivered.

But what makes a channel reliable?

To start off it would be having a proper web presence including a website, active social media presence, founders’ profile, and their genuine social media accounts as well. This is just a basic check that one must do.

Online transactions are another great way to gauge the authenticity of the business, as the electronic transaction is a unique identifier for you that the money has been transferred to the company.

Positive testimonials are often a good indicator of reliability and authenticity of the website.

2. Check the Return Policy

Don't forget to check the return policy. It is important to know what the company's return policy is before buying refurbished mobiles, as some companies do not offer refunds.

Make sure you read through the terms & conditions of your purchase contract.

If you face any issues with your refurbished smartphone, you should be able to return the device to the seller for a full refund easily within a stipulated time.

Having a hassle-free return policy comes in quite handy when it is your first time buying unlocked phones and you are not sure what might happen.

3. Check for fake or duplicate products along with working condition

When buying an unlocked cell phone, the first thing to do is check that it's genuine. This can be done by checking the invoice, warranty, and accessories

You should also verify the handset's IMEI number on to check if your phone is stolen or not.

Make sure that you aren't buying a lookalike dupe of a brand-name smartphone and always be on guard against fake smartphones.

In addition, the products must be certified to run smoothly. Brands like Grest, perform 32 quality checks to ensure that only the phones in perfect condition and fully functional are shipped to the customers.

4. Ask for an invoice, proper packaging, and accessories box

You must always ask for solid proof that the smartphone being sold to you is not someone else's stolen phone

It is not uncommon for people to sell stolen smartphones from bright and attractive shops, duping people into buying illegally sourced items that may put them in trouble.

Asking for the bill ensures that the refurbished smartphone you are buying is a valid phone sold by someone else and not stolen.

The refurbished phone should come with good packaging to protect the phone during shipping and it should also include all the important phone accessories like charger, charging cable, etc.

5. Check the condition and warranty of the phone

Always check the conditions of the phone before buying them. The phones are categorised based on their conditions. These categories and their description are as follows – 

  • Open Box- This category has the latest and almost brand-new smartphones in it. It consists mainly of smartphones whose original packaging has been opened.                                                                These smartphones have very minimal hours of use on them. These phones are fully functional and just like brand new 
  • Superb- This category consists of smartphones that have been used for a while. These smartphones have negligible signs of usage and are fully functional.
  • Good- The phones in this category have low to high signs of usage but are fully functional. It is suitable for budget-conscious customers.

Warranties are an important part of any phone purchase. A warranty is a promise from the company that they will fix your phone if it malfunctions within a certain time frame.

It’s their way of protecting you, the customer, and making sure that you have peace of mind when buying their product.

Only buy a refurbished phone if the seller gives you a warranty for your smartphone

If you are considering buying a used phone, we hope this article has helped provide you with some tips on how to do so safely.

The refurbished phones can save money and reduce e-waste while also giving you access to great features at an affordable price point.

If you take care of these 5 things while browsing for a new smartphone, you will be alright. With the latest features at the lowest prices, you will not be disappointed after buying a good device 

Hope you have a pleasant experience with your new device!

Where can you buy a refurbished smartphone in India?

Fortunately, in the present Indian smartphone scene, several good players are selling refurbished smartphones.

Few of them are trustworthy and provide peace of mind warranty and hassle-free returns in case of any issue.

It is best to buy your refurbished phones only from trusted and responsible sources like:

  1. Amazon Renewed
  2. Cashify
  3. Grest

These companies are tried and tested in the refurbished gadgets industry in India.

They not only get you your money's worth, but you also get original accessories for your gadget as well as a 6-month to 1-year warranty depending on the product.

However, rest assured, when buying from these sources, the refurbished smartphone you receive will exactly be the thing you were looking for in the first place.





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