How to Find the Best Smartphone for Your Needs

How to find the best smart phone within your budget

Deciding on your next phone can be overwhelming given the endless options available nowadays. You likely depend on your mobile device every single day for communication, work, entertainment, and more. So, ensuring you select the right premium smartphone suited for your lifestyle takes due diligence. Follow this comprehensive buying guide covering the main factors tech experts recommend considering. Doing so will set you up to identify the perfect phone to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Assess Your Budget

With top phones from Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and more now exceeding ₹70,000, determining your budget is the logical first step. The good news is that more affordable premium options exist too, some under ₹20,000. Consider both the upfront cost to purchase the smartphone along with longer-term ownership expenses. These include mobile plan rates, insurance fees, or repair costs should damage occur down the road.

Screen Size & Visual Needs

Choosing the right screen size is crucial for a great smartphone experience. Phones nowadays come in various sizes, from compact to extra-large. The size of the screen affects portability, viewing comfort, functionality, and battery efficiency. Consider whether you need a basic screen for calls and texts or if you prioritize vivid imaging for activities like streaming movies and gaming. This clarity will make it easier for you to narrow down your options. Additionally, decide on the maximum dimensions and weight that you find comfortable to carry daily.

Camera Quality

Photography enthusiasts, in particular, often rely on their smartphones as the go-to camera that goes everywhere. If you frequently capture high-resolution photos and videos for social sharing, it's worth investing in advanced rear and front-facing camera components and software. However, even for basic video calls or the occasional posed picture, it's important to consider camera quality. Ensure that the camera features and shooting modes are tailored to your specific needs.

Storage Capacity

Downloading HD video files, rich game graphics, songs, ebooks, and other media can quickly consume internal storage. Fortunately, many Android phones provide relief through expandable storage via SD cards. Alternatively, consider opting for cutting-edge models from Apple and Samsung, offering generous baseline internal storage capacities of up to 512GB or 1TB. Ensuring sufficient capacity throughout your planned ownership lifespan helps avoid frustrations such as slow speeds or the inability to update apps.

Battery & Charging Abilities

Large, vibrant touchscreens and high-speed 5G connectivity can strain phone batteries. It's essential to carefully assess the expected battery life compared to your actual usage. USB-C ports now support remarkably fast wired charging. The newest premium Galaxy and iPhone models also feature wireless charging capabilities. Make sure these capabilities align with your habits, whether you need a quick power boost during the day or prefer overnight charging.

Core Hardware Performance

Cutting-edge processing chipsets like Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Apple's A15 Bionic ensure exceptional speed. These high-end mobile processors are adept at managing demanding tasks such as gaming, streaming, and multitasking. Furthermore, phone brands continually enhance performance by increasing RAM, providing improved parallel handling capabilities.

Connectivity & Networks:

Modern premium phones are designed to connect through established 4G LTE networks, and the active expansion of 5G across India is underway. Opting for devices equipped with compatible 5G hardware ensures access to the next-gen network when it launches in your area, providing a future-proof connectivity solution.

Brand Priorities & Ecosystem:

Finally, consider smartphone operating systems and complementary brand ecosystems. If you already own and favour Apple products, sticking with the iPhone is likely to provide a more seamless experience. On the other hand, Android offers a broader range of hardware options. Keep in mind that your preferences for design, camera features, colours, and special features all contribute to your decision-making process. Clarifying your needs and using this guide to narrow down choices will simplify the process of finding your ideal phone.

Where to Buy Your Next Premium Phone

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